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Karon , by fence, winter 2016Karon; extreme wide angle shot by fenceKaron, head over fence, summer 2016Karon, b&w , facing cameraKaron, b&w with title, Spet 2015Karon, with title, Sept 2015Karon, in shade facing camera, Sept 2015Karon, closeup grazing, Sept 2015Michelle grazing in the rain. 2015Karon, portrait walkingKaron, full shot in pasture, Sept 2015Karon, by fence, Oct 2014Michelle, b&w, partial silhouetteMichelle with her friend Ailbe,Oct 2016Karon, grazing, Oct 2016Michelle gallops in pasture, Oct. 2016Michelle galloping on fall day.Karon,portrait by barn, winter, late day.Michelle, portrait with title 2015Michelle , portrait, Dec 2015